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Weekly Wine – Apelia

23 Sep

Kourtakis Apelia Moschofilero White
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine gave me a big smile. Under ten bucks. One litre of wine. Perfect.
But it was Greek wine and that can be iffy. This was the last Greek wine I tried.
But … wine making has been made in those lands since the dawn of time, so it behoves me to give this a go.
I set my bar low.
Once I got past the initial acidic nature of this wine, it settled in quite well.
Actually, saying that it settled well is a bit optimistic. It was tolerable. Drinkable.
It is the economy of this wine that has me confused. I can get a similar priced bottle of wine that is much better. But that bottle would be only 750ml. This is a litre. So a comparable wine would be just a shade under $7.50 – $7.46 actually.
It is inexpensive. It tastes inexpensive – but you get what you paid for.
It is OK, I guess for a summer barbecue when the weather is hot and this is well chilled. Or an outdoor festival, where alcohol is not allowed and you try to sneak a bottle in – If you get busted with this and lose the bottle it won’t harm your bottom line.
Another reason to buy this is to help the Greek economy. Every little bit helps.