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Weekly Wine – Alianca

27 Jul

AlliancaAlianca Vinho Verde
10% ABV
$9.05 (LCBO)

Here is a nice typical vinho verde wine. It is light, tart, refreshing and quite pleasant. It is very good chilled and even quite passable when the temperature of the wine goes down.
It is fantastic to drink on a hot day – but be wary – you will be able to put this down quickly without realising it has a robust ten percent alcohol content. You can down a bottle of this like you would a beer – but should you…
It is a good repast – perfect for sipping in the shade on a hot day. Great with a light snack of bread, cheese and well cured meat. A proper lunch on the field.
The slight gaseous nature of this wine adds to the taste experience. It blends the tartness with a light crispy sensation on the palate. There is a light fruity citrus ambiance in the taste but it is not overpowering and it, importantly, does not taste artificial.
It is very well balanced.
I love vinho verde wines in the summers. This one is great.

Weekly Wine – Alianca

9 Apr

SONY DSCAlianca Bairrada Reserva Sangalhos
14% ABV
$8.85 (LCBO)

I’m drinking this wine while busy with other work.
Naturally, I am distracted. Male humans are not the best mulitaskers and they this skill/gift deteriorates once the age gets north of 30. That’s when I noticed it going.
I’m sipping this wine and I’m not really noticing it. Is it because it is generic? Is it because it lacks any personality? Does it have a flavour?
These thoughts strike me and I have a seat.
I taste the wine.
There is flavour. It is not overbearing. It is light but with presence. There is a bit of bite – it is not sulphites. The bite is pleasant.
The wine is pleasant.
There is a bit of an after taste but it only comes around to signal that you need another sip of this fine wine.