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Weekly Wine – Foral

9 Sep


Alianca Foral Douro
13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I’m sitting here, drinking this wine, writing a review of an album and taking care of some other stuff. About half of the bottle slipped by before I noticed that I was also to write a review of the wine.
It was only then that I decided to concentrate my full attention on the taste and the experience of the wine. I looked at it. Peered into its soul. Had an exploratory sip, and another.
My first absentminded impression of this wine were the best indication of this wine’s quality. It is good. It is unspectacular. But you will pay about 25 bucks for it at a restaurant because it is one of the least expensive wines on the list – and it will be fine.
It will compliment your meat dishes.
It will do OK with the fishes.
The pastas, the burgers, the pizzas – all delicious.
It is a good wine at a reasonable price.
I like that very much.