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Weekly Wine – Alianca

9 Apr

SONY DSCAlianca Bairrada Reserva Sangalhos
14% ABV
$8.85 (LCBO)

I’m drinking this wine while busy with other work.
Naturally, I am distracted. Male humans are not the best mulitaskers and they this skill/gift deteriorates once the age gets north of 30. That’s when I noticed it going.
I’m sipping this wine and I’m not really noticing it. Is it because it is generic? Is it because it lacks any personality? Does it have a flavour?
These thoughts strike me and I have a seat.
I taste the wine.
There is flavour. It is not overbearing. It is light but with presence. There is a bit of bite – it is not sulphites. The bite is pleasant.
The wine is pleasant.
There is a bit of an after taste but it only comes around to signal that you need another sip of this fine wine.