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Artificial unintelligence

28 Mar

Artificial intelligence.
The new great beyond.
There used to be a joke that there must be intelligence in outer space because there is no intelligence on earth. Artificial intelligence is the same way – we must create artificial intelligence because we do not show any of this trait amongst ourselves.
This would actually be a great segue to the primary campaign in the Unites States right now.
But this isn’t.
Microsoft recently created a virtual bot, a chatbot, to engage the youth in what interests them. It was designed to interact with 18-24 year olds on all social media platforms. The chatbot, called TAY, was to get all its learning from the internet chatrooms that are frequented by this demographic.
The chatbot lasted 24 hours before Microsoft took it off line. In these few short hours, this naïve empty artificial intelligence vessel was filled with such hate and vitriol that it staggers the mind.
It espoused Nazism, genocide, homophobia, xenophobia, racism, and misogyny according to reports.
Microsoft took Tay offline for some adjustments.
The only question is – do the people that designed Tay not have access to the internet? Have they never gone online to social media and read what is being written? You don’t need to go far – any news item’s comments section quickly devolves to racism, misogyny or crude sexual, political or religious opinion. I rarely go to comments sections because of this. But did the designers of Tay not know this?
What kind of adjustments will the folks at Microsoft make – filters? Send Tay to school? Have a few humans work in the background for a while?
This episode shows we are still a long way from artificial intelligence. We will have to rely on the intelligence that we have. After all, it has gotten us this far.