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Weekly Vinyl – Ink Spots

21 Apr

10 of the Best Ink Spot Hits
The Ink Spots

I think this was acquired because of the association with the ink spot tests that are performed by psychologists (the Rorschach tests).
I certainly did not know that the Ink Spots were a famous band in the 1930s and 40s. Listening to this you get a feel that this was done way back when. The music ok – it is old time music – a precursor to pop music, to do-wop, to rock music. But it has roots in the big band era as well.
The biggest with this album is the packaging. You have no indication of the music. It could be a comedy album, judging by the cover. The notes on the back explain how a vinyl record is recorded and manufactured. There is no mentioned of who the Ink Spots are/were or what their music represented. It even has a 3-year guarantee that stipulates that if the record wears out in three years you will have it replaced with a new one for the cost of one dollar shipping and handling.
Truly bizarre packaging – but a nice album.