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Weekly Vinyl – Serious Uke tunes

23 Sep

Чoрнoбривцi – Tchornobryvci
(1960 – I’m guessing)
As a kid I remember studying the record covers while listening to albums. I seem to recall that they always had a date.
These are false childhood memories. I frequently rely on the internet to find dates. Some albums, like this one, refuse to be dated.
The music is dated though. It is over the top, melodramatic and vain. This is Ukrainian music for a big concert stage. It is solemn and serious. Even songs like “Chom Ty Ne Pryshov (Why Didn’t You Come?), which should be a light hearted ditty, is turned into a song of longing and despair. Ironically, this is probably my favourite track on this album. It is performed by the Veriovka choir.
The recording is rather muddy though. It seems it has seen several generations before it was put onto vinyl here in Canada.
This is an interesting fact because the liner notes at the back of the album cover list choirs and artists from Ukraine, back then part of the Soviet Union. How these tracks got to Canada to be pressed here, who were the Ukrainian Art Society and their “editor” Boris Dniprowy is a mystery to me.