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Lviv pigeon

5 Jul

This is the Lviv City Hall. You can take the stairs up to the top of the tower.
I am told that the view is quite spectacular. I have yet to do this.
It took me a while to coax the pigeon to do a proper flypast of the tower.
The birds are usually at a much lower level or walking on the ground looking for munchies.

Something Interesting

19 Apr


This shop in Lviv, Ukraine has a great sign with multiple languages and a hole where the “O” should be. The shop is called Something Interesting.

Iron Hedgehog

18 Jan

I saw this in front of a restaurant/banquet hall in Lviv, Ukraine. (Is there any other Lviv?)
It is a wonderful piece of metalwork but I pity the poor drunk who stumbles upon it in a stupor.