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Cut Finger

11 Jun

I sliced the tip of my finger off cutting a watermelon last year.
I could not play guitar for well over a month.
There is a nice scar where I lopped off the piece of skin.


Footprints in concrete

28 May

At a construction site this should not happen.
The freshly poured concrete must have a barrier to prevent people from leaving their mark.
Footprints in concrete happen quite frequently and must be repaired at considerable toil and expense.

Wrong Wires

21 May

In a renovation job, you never know what you will find when the walls come down.
This is what supplied electricity to a refrigirator for many years.

Cats and Fish

14 May

Every blog needs pictures of cats.
This is as fact that is written somewhere.
I don’t have cats.
But there are cats at the pet store near me.
They were looking to buy some fish.

Camoflauged car

7 May

I am of two minds about this paint scheme on this car. I kinda like the camoflauge pattern, but it is quite a silly look for this and any car.

Fire in the burbs

4 May

Was driving buy and saw a fire break out. There were other people on cell phones filming so I joined them.
The fire department came a minute after this shot and so I drove away.

Easter Baskets

16 Apr

Blessing some Easter baskets for Easter.
Everything you need is here.
Ham – shynka.
Embroidered cloth.

Blessed and ready to go.