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Footprints in concrete

28 May

At a construction site this should not happen.
The freshly poured concrete must have a barrier to prevent people from leaving their mark.
Footprints in concrete happen quite frequently and must be repaired at considerable toil and expense.

Wrong Wires

21 May

In a renovation job, you never know what you will find when the walls come down.
This is what supplied electricity to a refrigirator for many years.

Cats and Fish

14 May

Every blog needs pictures of cats.
This is as fact that is written somewhere.
I don’t have cats.
But there are cats at the pet store near me.
They were looking to buy some fish.

Camoflauged car

7 May

I am of two minds about this paint scheme on this car. I kinda like the camoflauge pattern, but it is quite a silly look for this and any car.

Easter Baskets

16 Apr

Blessing some Easter baskets for Easter.
Everything you need is here.
Ham – shynka.
Embroidered cloth.

Blessed and ready to go.

World War One graves

9 Apr

These are soldiers graves in Jeziorany, Poland. German and Russian soldiers are buried here because the massive Battle of Tannenberg took place not too far from here. Same soldiers are named others are inscribes as an unknown soldier of such country. I was thinking of this because of the memorials going on about the Battle for Vimy Ridge where Canadian troops succeeded in reaching their objectives. I haven’t been to many battle sites in Western Europe but since Eastern Europe is just one big battle site and I have seen many sites of endeavours and of atrocities. This was a big battle in its day but is now a quiet place on earth and nearly forgotten by many but the most ardent historian – like most battle sites.

Elk on guard

2 Apr

At the Omega Park near Montabello, Quebec, there are guard posts staffed by friendly elk. They let you pass if you feed them.