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Lonely rock

30 Jul

This is a curious rock.
It is rather large.
It stands (sits, rests, lies – whatever rocks do) in the middle of a field.
It is not a rocky area as you can tell by the background.
The view behind the camera is quite similar.
No rocks – but this one.
How did it get here?

Kids and Ruins

23 Jul

It will be a beutifull park soon. Just wait thill they remove the ruins of a generating plant.

Niagara Falls from the air

16 Jul

I was flying into Toronto a few years ago and as I gazed out my window I caught a good look of Niagara Falls.


9 Jul

These planters are waiting patiently for the plants.
The are also waiting for the patio to be open.
As was I and the people I was with.


2 Jul

It was Canada Day. It soon will be the 4th of July.
For Canada Day we joined a flock of people on Toronto’s Sunnyside Beach to see many firework displays.

Nordic street

25 Jun

I loved walking around in stolkholm.
Every street was intersting.
This one was one of many.

Toronto Air

18 Jun

I’m not sure if this was coming in or going out of Toronto.
The picture came out OK.