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Road Trip

1 Apr

Although I’m not self-isolating and actually work outdoors – I’m so ready for a road trip. This was from a trip in Arizona, We are heading south from Sedona going through Phoenix and on to Tucson. We were just coming down from some snowy peaks and heading for warmer weather.

One Cloud

25 Mar

This image of a solitary cloud was taken on the Beartooth Highway which snakes just south of the Wyoming and Montana border. The landscapes are breathtaking. There will be more images to follow.


Glacier – not yet gone

18 Mar

It was August and it was freezing at the Columbia Icefields. The clouds were low and the visibility was very sparce. This shot was taken when the clouds broake apart momentarily. There was a wicked wind and rain was coming in sideways. One might be tempted to dismiss climate change then but coming here, even when it was very cold at the height of summer, is one of the best places to see te effects of global warming. We are about 200 meters from the toe of the glacier. When I was here last, in 1995, the toe was about where we were standing. The first time I came in 1978 the toe was a short hike from the highway – now it is a drive and a bit of a hike. Go visit this place while you still can.



Winter Kite

11 Mar

I was walking in the park with my camera but was not feeling to inspired for photography until I saw people trying to skate using a large kite/sail. It looked amazing but they were not making too much progress.


Golden Gate

4 Mar

A thing to do when in San Francisco is to rent a bike and cycle to Sausalito over the Golden Gate bridge. This picture was taken after crossing the bridge and is from the north side. I like the composition with the flowers – the name of them I do not know. What is interesting is that there is a bee flitting amongst the flowers. I did not notice the bee until looking at the photos much later.


26 Feb

Hiking near Sedona, Arizona we were skirting the airport and a plane came in to land. you can see it in the upper left corner. Its hard to take a bad picture in this place.

Lonely rock

30 Jul

This is a curious rock.
It is rather large.
It stands (sits, rests, lies – whatever rocks do) in the middle of a field.
It is not a rocky area as you can tell by the background.
The view behind the camera is quite similar.
No rocks – but this one.
How did it get here?

Kids and Ruins

23 Jul

It will be a beutifull park soon. Just wait thill they remove the ruins of a generating plant.

Niagara Falls from the air

16 Jul

I was flying into Toronto a few years ago and as I gazed out my window I caught a good look of Niagara Falls.


9 Jul

These planters are waiting patiently for the plants.
The are also waiting for the patio to be open.
As was I and the people I was with.