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3 Jul

Canada Day has just passed and it is the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day, soon.
There are lots of fireworks around my home.
It sounds like a warzone at times.
Things will calm down.

Scraps and widgets

26 Jun

I’ve written many scraps and am selling stuff on Kijiji and Craigslist.
Compiling the scraps to have prose is going slowly.
Like the sales of the stuff I don’t want anymore.


19 Jun

Most writers are a little messy. They have lots of material around them to draw “inspiration” and to distract them from the work at hand.
When writer’s block hits – some writer’s start to clean and purge.
I’m in my garage now doing just that.

Not writing

12 Jun

Big mental block
Not writing now.
Will post when brain is free.

Motorcycle Helmet

6 Jun

There are places in the world that wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or scooter is optional. The strangest law I encountered was in Bali where it was mandatory to wear a helmet unless you were a local and were wearing traditional garb. Most people, tourists included, rode helmetless.
I always wear a helmet. Not just for the looks – for the safety as well.
The problem with having a simple easy to ride scooter is that one is tempted to just hop on and go. A motorcycle ride has a bit of ritual to it – part of that is suiting up properly. Scooter is just hop on and go.
I did that recently. I was working in the garage and needed some easily available parts that were a few blocks away at the hardware store. It was close to closing so I hopped on and scooted away. I recall someone yelling from their car as I crossed a busy street.
As I parked my scooter in the parking lot – I realized that I had neglected my helmet.
I bought the stuff I needed and walked on home to get my helmet.
And then walked back to get my scooter.
The quick jaunt turned into a bit of an trek.
It would have been quicker had I just walked to the store to purchase my supplies.

Planting raspberries

29 May

Victoria Day has come and gone.
Memorial day is today.
This means – the start of summer and planting season in the North-East part of North America.
The garden centers are packed with people buying more stuff than they actually need for their gardens.
I was on the lookout for Raspberry bushes.
Mine got destroyed when a neighbor replaced the fence in the back last fall.
The raspberry bushes on sale looked rather weak and pathetic – they retailed for about 25 bucks per bush. This is a bit dear and over the top in my opinion.
The funny thing about plants and seeds and nature in general is that it has a way of regenerating itself. I had stuck a few twigs of my ruined raspberry bushes in the ground late last fall and after coming home from the garden center empty handed I checked out the twigs.
They were starting to sprout.
Sure – I might not have raspberries from these bushes this year but I can buy many raspberries for the price of that one bush for the one year. The raspberries will be fine next year.
My philosophy of gardening is that I do this to have fun and watch things grow. I am not doing this to stave off starvation.
Three out of the five twigs that I stuck in the ground are growing – so it seems. The bushes are coming along fine. I am content.

Sad Jag

22 May

I was walking on a street a day or two ago.
I did not have my camera.
I did not have my phone – with a camera.
I saw a fancy car.
A very nice car.
A Jaguar in fact.
It was an X-Type. Perhaps 10 or even 15-year old.
But it still looked elegant.
It still had class.
Except for the packing tape on the roof, plugging the leaky sunroof.
Shades of duct tape on old convertible British sportscars.
But that looked natural.
This … was a travesty – packing tape sealing an elegant Jag.
I wish I had a camera.

Grand openings

15 May

There have been a few openings of new retail outlets in Toronto in the past few years. They have been enhanced with great promotion and fanfare.
There have been pop-up retail places that appear and disappear – also to great media hubbub.
I ignore all of this because it does not interest me.
There have also been some notable closings of major retail here, but that is not part of this story.
I inadvertently attended a grand opening a week or so ago. It was packed. It was a mad-house. It was a feeding frenzy. It was a Value Village … a big-box thrift store.
It was rather depressing come to think of it.
I was there because this place opened in the same retail plaza as the grocery store I was shopping at. I was shocked at the people`s attitude to this opening. It was astounding. This was used stuff after all. I remember pitching a story to a financial magazine a few years back with the idea that buying used clothing and household items was not a trend derived from an environmental perspective – it was the way the middle class gets buy now. The Goodwills in Toronto have all been closed. There are a few SallyAnns – but not in our neighborhood. I guess our middle-class neighborhood needs this type of outlet and the people responded.
I like frequenting these types of stores but the shopping frenzy put me off and I bought nothing.

Tools and Stuff

8 May

Frequently, when starting a project, I look at the tools I have and the tools I allegedly need.
These are usually pretty hefty lists – sometimes in terms of volume and sometimes in terms of price. I tend to think this is to make my projects better or my tasks easier.
The desire to add to the tool collection is strong and irrational. One can say that there are few things better than a new implement to create project. But there are many better things and that is what stops me from purchasing tools willy-nilly.
One has to balance between want and need.
Do I need a chop saw to cut metal lengths? I use a grinder with a cut off disk now and it works OK. So, do I need this or want this?
Do I need a belt/disk sander to sand wood and metal bits to final size. I use a grinder, bench and hand. I use my Dremel or Foredom rotary tools. Do I need this? It would be convenient but can I justify it?
It is quite easy to justify new tools and equipment. Too easy.
And these are just the wood working and metal working tools. Let’s not talk about computer gadgets, other electronic gadgets, kitchen gadgets, car gadgets, gardening gadgets … and so on.

May Day

1 May

To celebrate May Day I am catching up with all the work that I have neglected for a while. There is a huge pile so it will take me a while. Hopefully not until Labour Day.