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Weekly Wine – Candidato (again)

12 Jul

Candidato Oro Tempranillo Garnacha, Vdt Castilla
13% ABV
$7.65 (LCBO)

I reviewed this wine three years ago.
Nearly to the day in fact.
A lot has happened in the past three years – the most notable is that this wine is five (5) cents cheaper.
Very little has gotten less expensive in the past three years. Yet this wine is less expensive. \

It is Spanish wine. From Spain.
A few years ago I was confused because it was so cheap and yet quite good.
Cheap it still is – even cheaper.
Taste wise – it is quite pronounced. It is dry. Acidic. Spicy – the result of tepranillo and garnacha grapes.
But I am not as enthralled by this wine now as I was back then. Is it the vintage – perhaps. But I feel that it is the essence of the wine.
This is a good wine. An interesting wine. It is a wine that is honest – it is meant to be drunk – in a field, in a café, with friends. This is not a wine with airs of pretention. It is a bit rough around the edges – but it is a good wine.
It is meant to be had and enjoyed.


New work

10 Jul

New opportunities tend to unblock the lack of inertia in me.
My garage is clean(er) and relativly more organized.
There are several projects on the tool bench and several new projects on my computer.
Time to get to work.


9 Jul

These planters are waiting patiently for the plants.
The are also waiting for the patio to be open.
As was I and the people I was with.

Weekly Vinyl – Yes Songs

7 Jul


This is a great live album of Yes performing at the height of its mastery.
How do I know this was the pinnacle of YES as a band? Their drummer Bill Bruford said so – he left Yes at this point because he felt that the band achieved all it could artistically and went on to join King Crimson. Bruford appears on three tracks of this album and if you listen well you can hear his distinct drumming. Yes had a few interesting compositions after this album but in reality, looking back, this was their peak.

What I love about this album is that it is rather unpolished – it is a good depiction of what they most likely sounded like live. Some of the mixes are muddled. There are a few instances where you can hear that the band is not 100 per-cent together – this should be expected as they are playing with a new drummer. I love this as it is raw and real. Prog rock is supposed to be refined symphony-like perfection. This album shows that it is still rock.

Weekly Wine – Papa’s blended white

5 Jul

Fontana Di Papa White
11% ABV
$7.60 (LCBO)

There are some blended wines that are nice.
I know this because I have tasted them.
Usually those are ones that take two good solid wine varieties and blend these wines to get the best of both worlds.
The blended wines that are not pleasant to drink usually do not state what grapes are in them – so you have to imagine that it is the dregs that are poured into a large vat and blended to come up with a barely passable concoction.
Usually the blended grape varieties are proudly displayed up front. On this wine they are hidden in the fine print in the back – why?

The wine is tart. Sharp.
Quite distinct.
The flavours are subtle – lemon, very faint. There is something else – but like a delicate seasoning on a dish, the flavours are meant to enhance and not stand out.
The grapes here are Trebbiano and Malvasia. I’ve had the former and the latter is new to me. They work well together.
A very nice wine.



3 Jul

Canada Day has just passed and it is the Fourth of July, America’s Independence Day, soon.
There are lots of fireworks around my home.
It sounds like a warzone at times.
Things will calm down.


2 Jul

It was Canada Day. It soon will be the 4th of July.
For Canada Day we joined a flock of people on Toronto’s Sunnyside Beach to see many firework displays.