Weekly Wine – Centurio

5 Apr

Centurio Velletri DOP
12% ABV
$7.90 (LCBO)

This is actually not a bad wine. I drank the 2014 vintage but never got around to writing a review. It kinda got away from me.
The wine is dry and a bit tart – there be acidity in this fermented grape juice. But it is not wholly unpleasant. There is no distinct flavouring of sulphites as there are in some other wines in this economic region.
It does however suffer from a flat characterless flavouring. There is a hint of cherry – but you have to search for it. It has an overall flavour of an inexpensive wine – a good inexpensive wine but the kind you take to a picnic or a bush party – not one you bring out to high-falutin’ hosts, or to family.
As I said at the outset – this is not a bad wine and I like it. It is honest and unpretentious – if a bit unrefined.

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