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Patina on the wall

30 Apr

I love old patinas and am working on how to create them.
This was a damaged wall in someones house that needed to be fixwed. I love the look of this and want to create the look without the damage.

Weekly Vinyl – Strauss in the house with Die Fledermaus

28 Apr

Die Fledermaus
Wiener Philharmonic, Herbert Von Karajan

I could not re got this album from a haul in Switzerland. I’m assuming this because all the notes are in German and the record was made in Germany.
That being said, this is an exquisite recording. I am always amazed when you hear a great recording. I, we, get used to listening to well produced pop, rock, and the like, but on the occasion where you hear the lush, uncompressed nuances of an orchestra playing at its best it is a true revelation. As this is an opera you hear the subtleties of the voices as well. It is truly amazing as the system I am listening to these recordings is quite a long way away from being an audiophile system but these nuances do come through. You can hear the difference.
I know the old Deutsche Grammophon company produced/produces amazing classical recordings. I guess Decca is also a good label to pick up in the bins at garage sales and thrift stores.

Weekly Wine – Donini

26 Apr

Donini Merlot
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This is a big bottle of average merlot.
That’s about it – I’ve been sitting here trying to come up with something smart to write.
The colour is a nice deep red – that’s nice.
It is dry and has quite a bit of acidity which is a little off putting and signals that this is wine comes from the bottom shelf in the store. The plum flavours are unique here but hat alone does not make this a go to wine.
It is better than many wines you do get at banquets, weddings and these type of events. The fact that it comes in a one litre size is also a bonus for the table.
It’s just is a big bottle of average merlot and in some cases that is exactly what you need.

Note: I bought this wine a while ago and since I drank it and reviewed it, the price of this wine has shot up by 15 cents to an incredible $10.10. Just outside my limit but it is here because I bought it back then when it was cheaper. It is still a good value wine though.

Signs of spring

24 Apr

Spring is in the air and things are starting to grow all over.
All sorts of birds have come back to our area of town. We have cardinals, crows, red-winged blackbirds, sparrows and starlings among others. A few starlings made nests in my vents in the house – I evicted a few before they laid their eggs but one was persistent and I grabbed four eggs and sealed that vent tight.
I felt bad but there is no way I could have allows a whole family of birds to live in one of my vents.

Another Jamaican Bar

23 Apr

Perhaps the last one that I will post. But I love these little bars and I wish I had the time to visit them but my stay in Jamaica was but three nights.

Weekly Vinyl – Ink Spots

21 Apr

10 of the Best Ink Spot Hits
The Ink Spots

I think this was acquired because of the association with the ink spot tests that are performed by psychologists (the Rorschach tests).
I certainly did not know that the Ink Spots were a famous band in the 1930s and 40s. Listening to this you get a feel that this was done way back when. The music ok – it is old time music – a precursor to pop music, to do-wop, to rock music. But it has roots in the big band era as well.
The biggest with this album is the packaging. You have no indication of the music. It could be a comedy album, judging by the cover. The notes on the back explain how a vinyl record is recorded and manufactured. There is no mentioned of who the Ink Spots are/were or what their music represented. It even has a 3-year guarantee that stipulates that if the record wears out in three years you will have it replaced with a new one for the cost of one dollar shipping and handling.
Truly bizarre packaging – but a nice album.

Weekly Wine – Canadian Rosé

19 Apr

Jackson-Triggs Rosé
11.5% ABV
$9.75 (LCBO)

This wine looks good.
The bottle is nice.
I liked the colour.
I had such high hopes for this wine.
Really, I did.
Wow was the first sip sour. Not too good.
The second sip was not much better. This wine is very acidic – to the point that I can’t really taste the wine. It has a pink flavour I guess – kind of like kids drinks that the flavour is stated by the colour. Purple flavour, orange flavour, red flavour, green flavour.
This one is pink but it is not as sweet as the kid’s drinks – it is fairly dry and that just seems to exsacerbate the acidity and the sourness.
What a shame.

Video cassettes

17 Apr

Video cassettes.
I have a bunch of them,
Not enough to count and brag, but more than just a handful.
There are some neat things on the cassettes – music videos, movies and documentaries – all recorded of the TV back in the day. Some of the video cassettes are well more than 30 years old.

And this is a problem.
I put one of them in, to show my daughter some music videos, and the cassette played for about two seconds and then ripped.
Not good.
I am going through all of them now – two others have ripped as well. Some of them have a very deteriorated recording – I’m not sure if I recorded it that way or what. It looks and sounds horrible. I’m playing this all on an old standard tube television and I remember the recordings being much better. Another issue is the tracking – there are nice lines throughout some of the recordings.
As I am digitizing some/most of this content I am experiencing a great trip through memory lane. I particularly like seeing some of the commercials – they are cheesy and in all honesty not radically different from the ones you see today.
But my favorite is all the music videos that I recorded. Some are horrible, some are fantastic – but most, if not all, are interesting.
My there isn’t a channel that plays this all the time is beyond me.


Easter Baskets

16 Apr

Blessing some Easter baskets for Easter.
Everything you need is here.
Ham – shynka.
Embroidered cloth.

Blessed and ready to go.

Weekly Vinyl – Rare Beatles

14 Apr

The Beatles

Is it still possible for there to anything to uncover about the Beatles?
This, the first great group of Rock ‘n Roll.
The first Kings of Pop.
Every once in a while the internet announces that something “new” has been discovered from the Beatles past – be they songs, pictures, notebooks, whatever. Most people ignore this as they did with Elvis Presley sightings back in the day.
The music here is not earth shattering – it is The Beatles after all. In its time – perhaps revolutionary. But I’ve heard most of these tunes in a Muzak version on an elevator or in a shopping mall – so the edge has worn off.
What is interesting here are the notes on the back cover that explain why the particular track was chosen and its significance. This would no doubt be of interest to a tru Beatles fan.