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Driving night radio

13 Mar

Radio has been on its deathbed since the advent of television – so many pundits have said.
Radio was to be killed by cassettes, CDs, Internet, podcasts, satellite radio…
Radio is still here.
Sure most people listen to it in their cars – but that is not a negative aspect.
If you would listen to the call-in shows, most people are at home, or at work. Some, very few, are driving. I listen to the radio in my car and at home.
But I mostly love listening to the radio at night. Especially CBC radio at night. Fantastic music. I was recently driving through a deserted, semi snowy, Toronto at night and listening to the radio – what a magical experience. I occasionally listen to CBC at night when I’m in the workshop, but I think I’ll take the car out for a brief drive next time it is a nice night and I want some great music.

Convention is out

12 Mar

The convention is over and people are still milling about in Atlanta – wondering what to do.

Weekly Vinyl – Running Scared

10 Mar

Running Scared

For the record – I never saw this movie.
For the record – this is the first time I’m listening to this album.
For the record – I have no idea why I have this album. I’m not going to waste time and energy to speculate.
For the record – this album was in a remainder bin – you can tell because of the large drill hole in the cover.
For the record – this record might count as Canadian content because David Foster was one of the producers.
For the record – If you want to hear a fair selection of radio friendly 1980s pop – this might be for you. Klymaxx, Patti LaBelle, Kim Wilde – they are all here.
For the record – this album does not make me nostalgic for this aspect of the 1980s.
For the record – this album does not make me want to watch the movie.
For the record – the first side of this album did not compel me to listen to the other side.
For the record – I listened to side two and my opinion of this disc has not changed.

Weekly Wine – Nederberg

8 Mar

The Nederberg Winemasters Cabernet Sauvignon
South Africa
14.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine is corked – at first one feels rather posh opening it up.
But then after scrambling around looking for a corkscrew – one gets a distinct and vigorous pop as the cork leaves the confines of the bottle.
Then the pour.
Then the sip.
This wine is rather sour – at first quite unpleasantly. It is a bit harsh and acidic.
Yet the sourness mellows after two or more tastes.
It also is mellowed with a few “just this side of stale” tortilla chips – plain without salsa.
The wine looks nice – classy label, a cork, it looks very elegant. Perhaps this is why the experience of drinking it is a bit of a let-down. It is a dry acidic wine. It is OK but I would pass on it – unless I want to impress someone with a fancy bottle.


6 Mar

Again it is March.
The promise of spring with a crule kick of winter’s tail.
I dislike this month.

Drying reservoir

5 Mar

This is a reservoir in California that is dryingout. With the rains they have had it might have stemmed the drainage – but I suspect you would need a few years of this type odf rain to get back to the previous levels/


Weekly Vinyl – Trance

3 Mar

The Decision is Yours
Chis Kain

This is trance music.
How do I know?
There’s a sticky note with that word written on it. It might have migrated from a different album though.
I bought these in Toronto after coming home from some travels. The world was firmly in CD mode and even used “record shops” carried very little vinyl. I was stocking up on that stuff at garage sales. I bought this, and several other albums brand new at a record store that catered to EDM and rave type music. That was also the first time that I felt old as people in that small shop looked at me like I was an old homeless vagrant.
This is trance musicbecause listening to this music you do fall into atrance – what kind is up to your mood.
Yes, you can groove to it.
Yes, you can shimmy and shake.
Yes, you can dance wildly to it.
Yes, you can listen to this and slowly contemplate the meaning of life.

Weekly Wine – Three Monkeys

1 Mar

Thr3 Monkeys
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

How could you resist this wine.
This name for a wine.
The label.
I couldn’t. So, I bought it even though in my heart of hearts I knew that I would be a bit disappointed.
Drinking this wine has left me more confused than a barrel of monkeys. The initial taste is that of a syrupy medium bodied sweet wine. Like drinking flat ginger ale. The wine label said it is a “Fresh & Fruity White Wine,” and I guess it is fruity I just miss the fresh part.
It does kinda grow on you though. It is not bad if you like this type of wine – sweetish and heavy. I would pass on it though.
The lineage of this wine is fantastic – it is a Hungarian wine that is bottled for a company in Sweden. What’s it doing on a shelf in Canada then?