Weekly Vinyl – Гадюкiну – Hadiukiny

31 Mar

Ми – Хлoпцi з Бандерштадту – We Are The Boys From Bandershtat
Брати Гадюкiни – The Hadyukin Brothers

Braty Hadiukiny were one of the best Ukrainian rock bands in the 1990s.
Spoiler Alert.
I know this band.
I met them in Warsaw in 1989 as they were on their way to play a festival in Sopot.
When they were in Toronto in 1990, we saw B.B. King together.
I hung out with them in Ukraine.
I’ve kept in touch all these years.
I’m not unbiased here.
So should I be entitled to write a review of their album? Why not.
It is a great disk. The songs are catchy and witty. This album sees them introduce a horn section which really filled out their sound. They evolved from a punky-reggeaish outfit to a slick bluesy rock outfit.
The transformation from when I first heard them to this album is quite astounding. The music is quite diverse actually – it is a good reflection of what music influenced the lyrysist and singer, Serhiy Kuzminsky and the rest of the band. There are lots of nods to bands here from the Rolling Stones to the Talking Heads, to Bob Marley to even Ukrainian folk.
It is a great album. Yes I’m biased – but it is a great album nonetheless.

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