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Weekly Vinyl – Mar-Keys

10 Feb

The Great Memphis Sound
The Mar-Keys


What a sound.
What sweet, sweet silky sound.
Does it get any better than this?
The Mar-Keys were the house-band for Stax records – these are the guys that played backup to all the great music that came out in the late fifties and sixties. The band has Steve Cropper and Donald “Duck” Dunn of Blues Brothers fame.
These are serious musicians that can play in a grove and make everything sound great.
How great?
My kids came in from school while this disc was playing and they started to groove and shimmy to the music. They liked the music. They did until I pointed out that this music was recorded around the time daddy was born.
Well that was a buzz-kill for the kids.
But what music, what joy. The songs here are all instrumental and you know that they were recorded life off the floor. No overdubs. No production correction. No digital enhancement.
This is a great band, in a groove, playing the music they love.
It is great.

Weekly Wine – Chilean Chardonnay

8 Feb

sc_charSanta Carolina Chardonnay
13% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)
This wine disturbed me a bit.
It is dry yet it does not seem so when taking the first sips.
It is quite light in colour but the body does match that visual stimuli.
There is acidity here that is not too pronounced but it is tempered with other flavours that I can’t quite make out.
It is a fair wine. It is a chardonnay, and it is a rather typical one at that. When drinking this wine there is no mistaking it for something that is low on the totem pole of price.
It is rather high on the totem pole of value.
If you like chardonnay and are on a budget – you won’t go wrong with this one.

Slow day

6 Feb

I dislike representations of computers in movies and television shows. Everything works so quick and precisely.
The real world is a much different thing.
I am rendering some interview files on my laptop and thus the computer is dead slow.
It prevents me from doing much else.
I’m looking at a screen as squiggles get created – these are indications that the computer is doing something besides irritating me.
My computer is not an ancient relic that should be in a museum. It is running the latest OS and is but a couple years old. This would be faster on my desktop but that would mean transferring files and all that would add up to just as much time wasted.
I really dislike the computers I see on TV and in Movies.


5 Feb


It is finally getting cold and the furnaces are all humming.
This is molten aluminum at Chrysler’s casting plant in Etobicoke. The wave of heat that hit me when they opened the gate nearly knocked me down. The interestingthing is that all the metal is delivered by trucks from the smelter in molten form. I missed witnessing the delivery by about 20 minutes.

Weekly Vinyl – Germans march

3 Feb

German Army Chorus
German Army Chorus and Brass Band


It is not easy to confess to fetishes.
But I have this thing for German marching music.
It started off as an iron expression of using my turntable and buying records at the Sally Ann or Goodwill.
But I got hooked.
I forget which album was the “gateway drug” but whichever one it was, it brought me to this.
You don’t really have to hear this album played to know more-or-less what the sonic experience will be.
It is all that and more.
If you are into this you will rejoice.
If not – you will run for the hills covering your ears and yelling … loudly.
This is great music to play when you want to do some stuff around the house, like cleaning or changing the kitchen faucet.
It motivates, elevates and invigorates.
As initial iron brought me to this disc, I must highlight the great irony that is in this disk. This album was released in 1969 by London Records, just about 29 short years from when the Nazi Germans were playing a different tune over London.

Weekly Wine – Alta CS

1 Feb

fuzalt_csFuzion Alta Cabernet Sauvignon
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I drank this wine’s cousin a while back. It was the Malbec wine.
This is the cabernet sauvignon grape.
And this wine is all right.
The best thing about it is that the price has not changed in the last three years. I drank that bottle in October 2013. WOW.
Well not really wow. The Argentinean economy has been down quite a bit so that explains why this wine hasn’t gone over ten bucks.
This wine has a very nice colour and a very nice balance. It is a very nice standard table wine that will not offend anybody but those that are making airs of being wine connoisseurs. Those people should be served real crap. I have a list if you need it.
But I digress…
This wine will not win many, if any, awards and you might not remember it next morning. But that’s OK. It is a good wine that is meant to be drunk.