13 Feb

There’s a road not too far away from me that has had speedbumps installed on it.
There is a bit of a park and school there so I guess it makes sense.
The speed limit is 30 kilometers per hour – which is slow. But the speed is not the issue. It is the braking and accelerating that happens at each and every speed bump – there are about eight. I don’t like this breaking and accelerating, so I have been doing some experimenting to see how I can move the 400 or so meters without breaking and accelerating constantly.
The experimentation was over very quickly. I set the car to cruise control at 30 km/h and drove the street with no problem. There was a bit of undulation but it was quite smooth and not unpleasant. Who knew that the road works department were so good and that the speedbumps were engineered to reflect the posted speed.
The going does start to get a bit rough at 35 km/h, so I keep it to 30.

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