Weekly Vinyl – Mar-Keys

10 Feb

The Great Memphis Sound
The Mar-Keys


What a sound.
What sweet, sweet silky sound.
Does it get any better than this?
The Mar-Keys were the house-band for Stax records – these are the guys that played backup to all the great music that came out in the late fifties and sixties. The band has Steve Cropper and Donald “Duck” Dunn of Blues Brothers fame.
These are serious musicians that can play in a grove and make everything sound great.
How great?
My kids came in from school while this disc was playing and they started to groove and shimmy to the music. They liked the music. They did until I pointed out that this music was recorded around the time daddy was born.
Well that was a buzz-kill for the kids.
But what music, what joy. The songs here are all instrumental and you know that they were recorded life off the floor. No overdubs. No production correction. No digital enhancement.
This is a great band, in a groove, playing the music they love.
It is great.


One Response to “Weekly Vinyl – Mar-Keys”

  1. Andrew Marco February 13, 2017 at 8:48 PM #

    Great share, I do love me some throwbacks. It’s always great to hear that instrumentation again 🙂

    What are you favorite tracks by them?

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