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Weekly Vinyl – Digging it

13 Jan

Dig It
Klaus Schulze
The Dig in the title is short for digital. This is Klaus Schulze’s first serious foray into the then new digital musical synthesis realm.
And it sounds different than his previous offerings.
First there is the sound – gone are the analogue synthesizers. The sound is different. You can really hear the difference between the sound the two types of machines make when listening to a Klaus Schulz album when he plays analogue and this one. The sound is different – some will say better, others will say it is worse.
The main difference is in the music. You can hear the joy Mr. Schulze has and he is playing with his new synthesizers. Experimenting with the sounds and weaving joyful tapestries of music as a result of the new technology.
This is a fun album, less meditative and contemplative that his other works, but a great listen non-the-less.

Weekly Wine – Luccarelli

11 Jan

luccnapLuccarelli Negroamaro Puglia IGT
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Towards the end of my second glass of this wine I feel it settling in.
It is a full bodied red wine with an aftertaste that lingers for a while… This aftertaste teases you initially. Am I going to go bad or am I going to be interesting.
The aftertaste fades and leaves a heavy fruity flavour on the palate. You get plums and cherries and some more. It is a dense flavour that is not bad but will not wow you.
It is a nice plain inexpensive wine that is not very pretentious if you discount the two gold medals on the label. I initially thought that it was one gold medal and both sides depicted on the label. I did not think that this wine was a double gold medallist. On closer inspection they are apparently from two separate competitions.
It seems I`m not the only one who likes this wine.

Possessed Turntable

9 Jan

I have several turntables. Two are used constantly, one is a spare and one needs repair.
It is a good balance normally.
The turntable that I use most often has become possessed lately. It does not turn on normally – I must turn it off, press stop, first. Then I must put the needle on the record, the turntable will start and then turn itself off. This is the usual procedure.
Sometimes the record will not start no matter what I do.
Sometimes I must hit stop multiple times before it can turn itself off so it can start.
Rarely it will start as prescribed.
I was thinking of an exorcism in the shape of a record. But what music would chase demons out of a turntable? Punk, classical, calypso, jazz, Bavarian yodeling opera, spoken word, drone … there are so many to choose from.

Winter Duck

8 Jan


Walking along the frozen shore of Lake Ontario, a duck  flew buy.

Weekly Vinyl – Кoляди (Carols)

6 Jan

Кoляди й Щедрiвки (Carols & Epiphany Carols)
Веснiвка (Vesnivka Choir)
Today is Ukrainian Christmas Eve… (as I write this.)
We’ll it is Christmas Eve for those still insisting on using the Julian calendar.
In our tradition, one does not sing or listen to carols until the celebration of Christs birth is over – this happens when one sings the carol Бoг Придвiчний (God Eternal). This is actually the first track on the album – how fitting. And… as we have not officially celebrated the coming of our Lord, in this time zone, by listening to this album I am in a world of sin.
The choir that is heard on this album is the Ukrainian women’s choir Vesnivka and they are still around and still ably lead by Halyna (Kvitka) Kondracki. I’ve been listening to them for most of my life so I am a bit biased.
They are good and this record shows it. There are a few carols that are accompanied by the CBC orchestra and that distracts a bit as usually Ukrainian carols are sung acapella – instruments are verboten in Ukrainian churches.
This is a nice pleasant collection of carols that lulls one into pastoral bliss as you contemplate the holidays.

Weekly Wine – Red Fate

4 Jan

tofrTwist of Fate Winemaker’s Red
Year: N/A
Canada (kinda)
12.9% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I approach this wine with great trepidation.
I had the white wine a while back and it was quite miserable.
So the bar is quite low on this one – if I don’t retch I might consider it passable.
Well the wine is OK – again, the bar is not that high.
It is not as sour as the white one and there is a bit of flavour that pokes through – some sort of berries I get. It is also a bit spicy that gives it a bit of zing up front.
The zing fads fast and it becomes a bit flat and uninteresting at the end.
After a few more swigs the zing wears off and it becomes a very pedestrian wine. The bar was set low and it made it just above the bar, but this does not make this a good wine.
There are better wines, much better wines, at less than the price of this. There are even Canadian wines, real Canadian wines – with all the grapes grown in Canada, at this price point which are better than this.

Post New Year Sobriety

2 Jan

So we celebrated another new year.
We checked off why the last one was so bad.
We checked off why the upcoming one will be great.
We have our heads full of hopeful euphoria.
Now it is time for sober work.

Catching air

1 Jan

Catching some air on a snowy sideroad in Northern Ontario is a great way to start a new year.