Weekly Vinyl – Murray

27 Jan

Let`s Keep it That Way
Anne Murray


There are some albums in my collection that I have to ask, “What is this doing here?”
This is one such album. But instead of mild curiosity, it is amazement and incredulity.
Anne Murray is a Canadian Icon from the 1970s. That decade she was everywhere with her middle of the road crooning. She had/has a great voice – but the music is rather milquetoast. The music presented on this disk has a little bit of country flavour – not real cowboy boot country music but a pastiche of melodrama and twanging guitars.
The music is limp and it leaves the listener, me, limp.
Looking for things to write about this album, I checked the Internet and found out that Anne Murray did not write any of the songs on this album. I found out she did not write her big hit Snowbird. – it was written by Gene Maclellan. I could not find, after a very brief search, that she wrote any of the songs she sings. I find that sad and strange.

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