Weekly Vinyl – Digging it

13 Jan

Dig It
Klaus Schulze
The Dig in the title is short for digital. This is Klaus Schulze’s first serious foray into the then new digital musical synthesis realm.
And it sounds different than his previous offerings.
First there is the sound – gone are the analogue synthesizers. The sound is different. You can really hear the difference between the sound the two types of machines make when listening to a Klaus Schulz album when he plays analogue and this one. The sound is different – some will say better, others will say it is worse.
The main difference is in the music. You can hear the joy Mr. Schulze has and he is playing with his new synthesizers. Experimenting with the sounds and weaving joyful tapestries of music as a result of the new technology.
This is a fun album, less meditative and contemplative that his other works, but a great listen non-the-less.


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