Possessed Turntable

9 Jan

I have several turntables. Two are used constantly, one is a spare and one needs repair.
It is a good balance normally.
The turntable that I use most often has become possessed lately. It does not turn on normally – I must turn it off, press stop, first. Then I must put the needle on the record, the turntable will start and then turn itself off. This is the usual procedure.
Sometimes the record will not start no matter what I do.
Sometimes I must hit stop multiple times before it can turn itself off so it can start.
Rarely it will start as prescribed.
I was thinking of an exorcism in the shape of a record. But what music would chase demons out of a turntable? Punk, classical, calypso, jazz, Bavarian yodeling opera, spoken word, drone … there are so many to choose from.


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