Weekly Vinyl – Кoляди (Carols)

6 Jan

Кoляди й Щедрiвки (Carols & Epiphany Carols)
Веснiвка (Vesnivka Choir)
Today is Ukrainian Christmas Eve… (as I write this.)
We’ll it is Christmas Eve for those still insisting on using the Julian calendar.
In our tradition, one does not sing or listen to carols until the celebration of Christs birth is over – this happens when one sings the carol Бoг Придвiчний (God Eternal). This is actually the first track on the album – how fitting. And… as we have not officially celebrated the coming of our Lord, in this time zone, by listening to this album I am in a world of sin.
The choir that is heard on this album is the Ukrainian women’s choir Vesnivka and they are still around and still ably lead by Halyna (Kvitka) Kondracki. I’ve been listening to them for most of my life so I am a bit biased.
They are good and this record shows it. There are a few carols that are accompanied by the CBC orchestra and that distracts a bit as usually Ukrainian carols are sung acapella – instruments are verboten in Ukrainian churches.
This is a nice pleasant collection of carols that lulls one into pastoral bliss as you contemplate the holidays.


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