Weekly Wine – Red Fate

4 Jan

tofrTwist of Fate Winemaker’s Red
Year: N/A
Canada (kinda)
12.9% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I approach this wine with great trepidation.
I had the white wine a while back and it was quite miserable.
So the bar is quite low on this one – if I don’t retch I might consider it passable.
Well the wine is OK – again, the bar is not that high.
It is not as sour as the white one and there is a bit of flavour that pokes through – some sort of berries I get. It is also a bit spicy that gives it a bit of zing up front.
The zing fads fast and it becomes a bit flat and uninteresting at the end.
After a few more swigs the zing wears off and it becomes a very pedestrian wine. The bar was set low and it made it just above the bar, but this does not make this a good wine.
There are better wines, much better wines, at less than the price of this. There are even Canadian wines, real Canadian wines – with all the grapes grown in Canada, at this price point which are better than this.

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