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30 Jan

It is finally here.
It is a bit chilly and there is big commotion about the cold.
People forget that it used to be colder for a much longer time.

Every Little Thing

29 Jan

This store/shop in Jamaica has a great marketing name.
It would be cool if their surname was Ting.
Every little ting,  will be all right.

Weekly Vinyl – Murray

27 Jan

Let`s Keep it That Way
Anne Murray


There are some albums in my collection that I have to ask, “What is this doing here?”
This is one such album. But instead of mild curiosity, it is amazement and incredulity.
Anne Murray is a Canadian Icon from the 1970s. That decade she was everywhere with her middle of the road crooning. She had/has a great voice – but the music is rather milquetoast. The music presented on this disk has a little bit of country flavour – not real cowboy boot country music but a pastiche of melodrama and twanging guitars.
The music is limp and it leaves the listener, me, limp.
Looking for things to write about this album, I checked the Internet and found out that Anne Murray did not write any of the songs on this album. I found out she did not write her big hit Snowbird. – it was written by Gene Maclellan. I could not find, after a very brief search, that she wrote any of the songs she sings. I find that sad and strange.

Weekly Wine – White Fate

25 Jan

tofwTwist of Fate Winemaker’s White
Date: N/A
Canada (kinda)
12.0% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I have to stop drinking these blended wines.
I have to stop buying these blended wines.
It is hard to do because they are cheap. Some are drinkable. Some are not.
Welcome to the latter category.
This sour swill gives me no pleasure. The flavour is thin and week and masked by the sourness and acidity. The label states that it is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Muscat and Chardonnay wines – imported and domestic. It calls itself a “Winemaker’s White.” This might be a clue as it can be a blend of international wines that were made a “Make Your Own Wine” shop.
It is a shame as I really like the label.
It is a shame that there is a bottle of red Twist of Fate that is staring me down – daring me to drink it.
It is a shame principally because there is much better wine that is cheaper than this.


23 Jan

Even though it is a mild winter.
Went skiing.
Caught a fever.
And have not been able to do anything for a week.

Old Mine

22 Jan


Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles there is this old open pit mine. Looks stunning from the air.
I have not been able to find it on Google Earth.
Was I in another dimension?


Weekly Vinyl – Mariachi

20 Jan

Mariachi Guadalajara
This is authentic mariachi music.
How do I know? I don’t. But I feel that it is.
It was recorded in Mexico sometime before I was born by an mariachi ensemble that has existed since 1942.
So this was created before the wave od disillusioned Vietnam vets started their recovery in Mexico. This is still before the waves of tourists started hitting the coastal areas of Mexico. This was well before the narco-wars started to rip the country apart. This is way before there was talk of deportations and walls.
This was made when Mexico was still rather raw.
Mariachi is like the ceremonial sombreros that tourists lug home from their holidays. Sure, they are kitchy but they do have an authentic ceremonial purpose.
The mariachi music on this album is full of life and joy. It is wonderful to listen to this on a grey winter day – it lifts the spirit.

Weekly Wine – Vinecrafter

18 Jan

vinecraftsKWV The Vinecrafter Chemin Blanc
South Africa
13.0% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Not sure if I’m going to get to the bottom of this.
This meaning the bottle of this South African wine.
The first sips were rather brutal – the wine was at room temperature so the bottle ended up in the freezer to get down to a more suitable temperature.
That didn’t help much.
I started to think I should chill my lips so the wine doesn’t warm up before it hits my taste buds – but that’s too much work.
The wine is very acidic. Too acidic. I have never had a wine so acidic that it hides the flavour completely. It is like those children sour candies that have some sour stuff over a sugary candy. But there is no candy here. There is no discernible flavour that I can pick out with my acid infested palate.
Perhaps this bottle is off?
I won’t buy another to try.

New New Years

16 Jan

I just celebrated two New Years in quick succession.
I celebrated the “normal” one like most of humanity on December 31/January 1.
But I, like many Ukrainians, also celebrated the Julian calendar’s New Year on January 13th – that’s New Year’s Eve.
The biggest benefit is that We get a few more parties. If you blow a resolution on the Gregorian New Year than you can always reset on the Julian one.
I have reset it all and am coasting in the clear.

Cat behind glass

15 Jan

This cat wants out.
Or, it does not like what it sees outside.