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12 Dec

This post should be accompanied by a phot of Periwinkle.
For Periwinkle is a fish. It is the one fish that survived being born in our fish tank. All the others were eaten by the parents or the other fish that were celebrating the birth of all the fish.
There is no picture because it is difficult to photograph this small fish. He/she is quite shy and likes to stay hidden in the weeds and the flora that grow in the tank. This is no doubt why Periwinkle is alive today.
My daughter gave the fish the name Periwinkle. The fish is not a pale shade of purple/blue. It’s colour is flame orange. But my daughter insists that that is the name. I have no objections and the fish has not expressed any. So Periwinkle is the name.
The one that survived the feast.

Stars, stairs and Orion

11 Dec


It’s late at night and I see stars.
And the stair railing…
The fuzzy orange things are whisps of clouds that reflect the light from the earth.
You can see the Orion constelation here.

Weekly Vinyl – More Sex

9 Dec

Better Live Than Dead
Sex Pistols
For a band that only released one “official” studio album, the Sex Pistols have many many albums in circulation bearing their name.
This is a live album.
From what show? From what year? Is it actually them – or a cover band?
Johnny Rotten’s, John Lydon, vocals are pretty distinct and they come through pretty well here so I’ll give it a nod that it is the real McCoy.
It seems to have been recorded in a small venue, right off the board and onto a stereo tape. There is no mixing or enhancing of the sound here so while the album does capture the energy of the Sex Pistols in full flight, it does get muddy at times.
This album has a few songs on it that do not appear on Never Mind the Bollocks… and they are OK. They probably sounded great in the club, but on this disk they are a bit faded.
This is a nice disk but … it was most likely recorded at a time when a cassette company was advertising its quality reproduction as “Is it live or is it Memorex?” And as such it proves that it is very difficult to capture live sound. This record has the same fault of most bootleg recordings that they are fine little snaps but just make you yearn for the real thing.
This disk is a nice effort that leaves one wanting more.

Weekly Wine – Sawmill Sauvignon

7 Dec

smccsSawmill Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
Year: N/A
12.5% ABV
$9.99 (Edmonton bottle shop)

I have written about the state of wine prices in Alberta previously.
I bought more than one bottle though. This was the second that I opened. This is also a hybrid wine made from grapes from wherever. Actually it is a blend of wine from wherever. It could be “Make your own Wine Store” wine. Probably not, but I am very sceptical of hybrid wine.
This scepticism is not without merit.
I tried this wine on the tail of trying the Sawmill Creek Shiraz and I could not really appreciate the difference. There was a slight taste difference. The body was very similar. The feeling that you want more from a wine was the same as in the Shiraz.
But that is not the most unfortunate part.
While this wine doesn’t make you retch it does make you grimace.
It is blasé generic wine that is barely drinkable.
I’d move on.

Christmas music – Bah, humbug

5 Dec

It has started.
It doesn’t arrive gradually like the tide that will engulf a region.
It arrives with the suddenness and fury of a nuclear blast.
One can’t escape it.
I was at the local grocery store a few days ago and the music was set to 11. I’ve never noticed if this particular grocer had music regularly but this was in your face. When I commented on the music to the girl at the checkout she rolled her eyes and made a painful face. The music was on for just one day at the time and she has had enough.
I am not against Christmas.
I am not against Christmas music.
But this incessant – “ding, dong, merrily along,” can drive one around the bend.
Are there no labour laws to protect the checkout persons – or all people working in retail, from this horror?
There is nice Christmas music out there but what one generally hears is this syrupy bouncy dreck that focuses on everything but the birth of Jesus Christ… Ain’t He the meaning of Christmas
I’ve had enough of this stuff already.
Play the good Carols or nothing.
Silence is better.

Chicago view

4 Dec

This was taken from my room in the Congress hotel in Chicago. I really had no view from the room but if you leaned a certain way you had this. It was November and dreary outside that week – not really inspiring photography weather.

Weekly Vinyl – New Society

2 Dec

Music for a New Society
John Cale
An interesting album to listen to these days.
The pain that John Cale is going through is very evident here on this disk.
The music is haunting
It is sparse in places.
It is disturbing to some extent. The song Taking Your Life in Your Hands is a pleasant tune but once you get the gist of the lyrics you realise it is about a mother that gone on a killing spree while her kids are at school. The other songs vary between loss of hope, emotional betrayal and despair.
Who’s up for some Cheetos?
This is a nice album to listen to every once in a while. I guess that’s why I listen to it so rarely.
But the music is nice…