Weekly Wine – Sawmill rose

28 Dec

smcwzSawmill Creek White Zinfandel
Year: N/A
Canada and international
11.5% ABV
$9.95 (Alberta)

I’ve been harping about hybrid wines (Canadian wines bottled from a blend of Canadian and international wines) for a while. I have not really found one I liked.
On a trip to Alberta I sampled a bunch of Sawmill Creek wines and they were largely uninspired, unimaginative and in general not very good. Some ended up flushed down the drain as there was no point in further drinking of the wine.
This wine is a bit different. We’ll it’s still not very good and I would not buy it again. It is drinkable. It has a medium body and is rather sweet. But the sweetness is not to over the top – it is actually quite nice.
Unlike the other wines, there is a nice bouquet of flavours here. You can taste the peach, the berries, the melons.
It is not that bad of a wine if I think about it.
The best of a bad bunch that I bought in Alberta.

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