Weekly Wine – Merlot Creek

21 Dec

smcmSawmill Creek Merlot
Year: N/A
Canada and international
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (Alberta)

This one has a cork. I’ve tried other Sawmill Creek wines previously and they were unremarkable and barely drinkable.
The others were screw caps, so does the cork on the bottle ad a bit of gravitas? Does it improve the experience? The taste?
It is another unremarkable wine. This medium bodied wine is a bit spicy and a bit sour. I cannot make out any of the flavours – it was wine wined flavoured wine. The spice and sourness probably comes from the sulphites in this mix and not from any of the fermented grapes that were blended to produce this wine. These wines could be from anywhere.
I should stop drinking these hybrid wines, but I’m forever an optimist hoping against hope that a good one will be found. This will be a difficult task, as the wines blended to make these hybrid swills are not of the highest quality.
As for this wine, I’m contemplating whether to nurse this bottle to the final conclusion, and the inevitable headache one gets from bad wines, or pour it into the loo.

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