Christmas music – Bah, humbug

5 Dec

It has started.
It doesn’t arrive gradually like the tide that will engulf a region.
It arrives with the suddenness and fury of a nuclear blast.
One can’t escape it.
I was at the local grocery store a few days ago and the music was set to 11. I’ve never noticed if this particular grocer had music regularly but this was in your face. When I commented on the music to the girl at the checkout she rolled her eyes and made a painful face. The music was on for just one day at the time and she has had enough.
I am not against Christmas.
I am not against Christmas music.
But this incessant – “ding, dong, merrily along,” can drive one around the bend.
Are there no labour laws to protect the checkout persons – or all people working in retail, from this horror?
There is nice Christmas music out there but what one generally hears is this syrupy bouncy dreck that focuses on everything but the birth of Jesus Christ… Ain’t He the meaning of Christmas
I’ve had enough of this stuff already.
Play the good Carols or nothing.
Silence is better.

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