Weekly Wine – Giorgio

30 Nov


Giorgio & Gianni
13% ABV
$9.80 (LCBO)

This is an organic wine. It says so on the label. Vin Biologique pour mes amis francophones.
The wine is very forward. It is not a subtle wine. The flavour is quite explosive and dominates the palate. But I`m not sure what that flavour is. Are there berries? Cherries? Citrus? Apples? Mangoes? Pinnaple?
I can’t tell.
It is wine flavour so I guess that works.
It is inexpensive wine flavour. There is no mistaking that pedigree – organic or not. It leaves a sour taste after a few sips. You’ll want some water to sip after a glass or two. Or something to nibble. Or to brush your teeth.
Is the after flavour a turn off? It will be for some. It has a very unrefined edge to it. Is it the acidic nature, the sulphites or just the wine as a whole. My betting is the latter.
This is a disquieting wine. I would like to like it because it is organic – good for me and mother earth – but it just doesn’t go down to well.
And isn’t that what you want wine to do.

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