New fish

28 Nov

This morning there were about 30 fish in my aquarium where the night before there were but eight.
I guess the tank is nice enough that the two red platies decided to have it on. I had no idea that they were a male and female.
There are a bunch of eggs on the side as well. These are from the Cory Cats. These eggs never last because they get eaten pretty quickly. I put a net around them this time to see what will happen.
One of the baby platies was about half-a-centimeter in length and the other ones about one to two millimeters – they looked like lint with eyes. Quite cute actually. By the afternoon, there were but five of them. In the evening just two of the little buggers could be seen. I hope that some of them are well hidden but I know most became food for the other The large one might be safe, but I’m really rooting for the little guys.
I remember hearing/reading that the human race is so cruel – that it is the only one that kills its own, etc. etc. We don’t eat our babies just after they are born…
But I like fish.
I’m happy there are new ones.

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