Weekly Wine – Sawmill Shiraz

16 Nov

1116smcshiSawmill Creek Shiraz
Year: N/A
12.5% ABV
$9.99 (Edmonton bottle shop)

This just made it under the wire for a ten buck wine. With taxes it was about 50 cents more. But who’s counting. I bought this in Edmonton and it was one of the few wines under a sawbuck. Wine in Alberta is more expensive than in Ontario. Go figure.
This wine is one of those hybrid blends that mixes domestic and imported wines. So you don’t really know if it is really wine from BC. It could be Ontario wine mixed with Argentinean wine. It can have Australian, South African or even European wine. Who knows?
The art here, with these hybrids, is in the blend. What comes out of this melange.
This blend is rather bland. It is not that bad because it does not display any bad characteristics. It has a medium body and a bit of flavour. Cherries? Perhaps. Grapes? Yeah, they are there.
The wine is quite uninspiring. It’s a wine you take to a picnic so as not to offend anybody who does not like flavour. It is passable in the terms that I would pass on it and buy something much better for the same price, or even less, in Ontario.

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