Animal communications

14 Nov

Different animals communicate differently. Humans tend to speak like humans. Sure there are different languages but it is not impossible for anyone to learn a new language. Even the thickest individual, when immersed in a culture with a different language will pick up some sense of the language. You need to consciously refuse to learn a language.

But I digress.

Dogs somehow can communicate with other dogs, fish with fish etc. no one really knows if there is cross species communications – can a cat speak with a dog, can a bird communicate with a squirrel, do barnyard animals have bull sessions. We know for a fact that we can train some animals to obey simple commands but no one can seriously claim that they can reason with their pets.Human communication has really morphed into something else these past years, with all sorts of “social media” supplanting some “traditional” forms of communication.

I use Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger video chats quite often to communicate with distant friends and relatives.

I recently spoke with a good friend in Ukraine and he mentioned that he recently was blessed with some kittens. My daughter needed too see one of the kittens and she took out her two Guinea Pigs to meet this Ukrainian kitten.

    Canadian Guinea Pigs squeaking while a Ukrainian kitten purred or meowed.

    What communication.

    Thank you Facebook Messenger Video. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. I’m sure you had that in mind when you came up with Facebook.

    Thank you … animal communications. 

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