Weekly Vinyl – Animal

11 Nov

Rock n Roll Animal
Lou Reed
I met a man who met this man – Lour Reed that is. The man I met explained what a huge fan he was of Lou Reed and how that meeting broke his spirit.
What I understood from that conversation is that you should never meet your heroes, or, you should not have any heroes, or, you should not hold your heroes (role model) in such very high esteem.
I choose the latter because I really like Lou Reed’s music and lyrics and, as David Byrne once commented about Lou Reed’s abrupt manner – “He’s from New York. What do you expect.”
This album is brief and intense and captures the performance well – I gather, as I was not there. There are but five songs here and only a bit more that 40 minutes of music. But it is intense – when listened at an appropriate volume. Four of these songs are pieces that were done by the Velvet Underground but these new arrangements are striking. None more so, to me, than Heroin. This sparse dreamy drone of a song has been transformed into an almost anthem like song. Still good – but different.


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