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Weekly Wine – Giorgio

30 Nov


Giorgio & Gianni
13% ABV
$9.80 (LCBO)

This is an organic wine. It says so on the label. Vin Biologique pour mes amis francophones.
The wine is very forward. It is not a subtle wine. The flavour is quite explosive and dominates the palate. But I`m not sure what that flavour is. Are there berries? Cherries? Citrus? Apples? Mangoes? Pinnaple?
I can’t tell.
It is wine flavour so I guess that works.
It is inexpensive wine flavour. There is no mistaking that pedigree – organic or not. It leaves a sour taste after a few sips. You’ll want some water to sip after a glass or two. Or something to nibble. Or to brush your teeth.
Is the after flavour a turn off? It will be for some. It has a very unrefined edge to it. Is it the acidic nature, the sulphites or just the wine as a whole. My betting is the latter.
This is a disquieting wine. I would like to like it because it is organic – good for me and mother earth – but it just doesn’t go down to well.
And isn’t that what you want wine to do.

New fish

28 Nov

This morning there were about 30 fish in my aquarium where the night before there were but eight.
I guess the tank is nice enough that the two red platies decided to have it on. I had no idea that they were a male and female.
There are a bunch of eggs on the side as well. These are from the Cory Cats. These eggs never last because they get eaten pretty quickly. I put a net around them this time to see what will happen.
One of the baby platies was about half-a-centimeter in length and the other ones about one to two millimeters – they looked like lint with eyes. Quite cute actually. By the afternoon, there were but five of them. In the evening just two of the little buggers could be seen. I hope that some of them are well hidden but I know most became food for the other The large one might be safe, but I’m really rooting for the little guys.
I remember hearing/reading that the human race is so cruel – that it is the only one that kills its own, etc. etc. We don’t eat our babies just after they are born…
But I like fish.
I’m happy there are new ones.

Paris locks

27 Nov

I forget the name of this bridge in Paris, but every bridge over the Seine there has a name it seems. Thay also are weighed down with locks as can be seen in this picture. The superstition is that if you put a lock on the bridge this cements your love. It caused part of a bridge to collapse. It does not look to nice – the background is much nicer without the locks there. There are much better ways to celebrate one’s everlasting love than contributing to pollution and destruction of infrastructure.

Weekly Vinyl – Inside kick

25 Nov

The Kick Inside
Kate Bush
I thought this would be an easy album to review as I know this album very well. I bought it brand new back in 1978 after I heard some of Kate Bush`s music.
What wonderful music. What a freakily superb voice. What astounding songwriting.
There is no weak note or word on this album. The same can be probably said about all her later works. This is her debut album and she was just 19 when she recorded it.
It made a great impact on me and on most of the rest of the world.
Punk was rising fast and then this came out. Even the most hardcore punk rocker would admit that this was an otherworldly fantastic album. It sounds great, even now nearly 40 years after it was released.
I could go on praising each and every song, listing why each song is great, but then I will never finish writing this.
It was difficult to write this review because I kept on focusing on the music, listening to it, revelling in it, and not concentrating on writing the review.

I`m going to listen to this album one more time.

Weekly Wine – Gray Fox

23 Nov

1123gfcharGray Fox Chardonnay
13% ABV
$8.55 (LCBO)

I look at this label with a bit of trepidation.
On the one hand foxes are good looking animals.
On the other they are known to be sly and mischievous.
The one on this bottle looks cute. It looks at me invitingly. Try me it beckons.
But what lies beneath those imploring eyes and the screw cap is a mystery. I must find out.
The first sip is Nasty. So is the second. It is sourish and a little sweet – that’s the chardonnay speaking. There are apples here and lemons I think. But it is sour… not the super unpleasant kind of sour, just the kind like the candy kids eat.
I don’t want that in a wine.

Time Travel

21 Nov

Humans have not developed time travel and perhaps never will.
But here is a form of timetravel…
I had neglected to post this musing on Monday.
It is wednesday – but due to the miracle of backdating it appears that I was on time.
Time travel in our lifetime.
Whoo-da thunk it…

Cruising and sailing

20 Nov


This is an OK picture of a nice sailboat sailing along.
There is a US cruiser sailing on the horizon as well.
A nice juxtaposition that can be caught on occasion in Virginia Beach.