Weekly Vinyl – Sandanista

14 Oct

The Clash
I remember buying this album.
It was a “garage sale” in a guy’s upstairs apartment of a house in the Parkdale area of Toronto. He was so proud – he was moving to CDs… the idiot.
I bought a bunch of really good disks that day but I only remember this one. It cost three dollars because it is a triple album. He was selling his quite excellent record collection at a buck a disk. What a tool.
Did he cell his CD collection when iTunes emerged? Is he now buying the albums that he used to have at 30 bucks a pop because vinyl is “back” in fashion? Honestly… one has to wonder about some people.
I was happy as a pig in shit when I bought this album. I had heard this album at a friend’s and was enamoured by it. It is fantastic. There is no weak tune on these three disks. You have everything here – rock, punk rock, reggae, ska, dub, folk and so much more. You can hear faint strains here of what will have emerged into Rap and Hip Hop.
It is such a complete album that I hesitate to play it for fear of wearing the grooves of the vinyl out – I usually defer to my digital copy when I want to hear it.
But not this time. The disks are on and I’m grooving.
So I’ll stop writing.


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