Weekly Wine – Southern Pinot Grigio

5 Oct

1005topgTwo Oceans Pinot Grigio
South Africa
12.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

The first impressions with this wine is that it is quite acidic. It is not overly acidic but that is the first impression that I got and the first words that I wrote.
It is a very lightly coloured wine – think diluted apple juice to the point where you basically have no apple juice flavour.
Now for the second swig of wine.
This wine has flavour. Buckets of it. It is acidic but it is crisp it is sharp. The flavours are exotic (as they should be this is South African) with a citrus melange and I’d like to say apples but they are not apples. I’m probably just thinking of apples. It is a nice flavour is what I’m getting at and there is absolutely no after taste.
This wine needs to be well chilled – as it is warming up it is getting a bit more sour. Or maybe it is just getting tart. The McIntosh apple flavour being replaced by Granny Smith.
I must have apples on my mind.

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