Don’t be like Trump

3 Oct

It is so hard to avoid these American elections. While most US elections are of interest in Canada – they usually are a source of bemusement and wonder.
These are different. You might not like Hillary Clinton but Trump beggars belief.
The only slight bit of positive from the political circus that is going on down south is that it has gotten my kids slightly interested in politics.
But to that end, when my kids start to get unhinged, start saying silly things … I say one thing. “Don’t be like Trump!” This gets the requisite peals of laughter, and the behavior tends to get improved.
What makes me wonder, and write this, is that, “New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said during a debate on Monday that she would “absolutely” point to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump as a role model for a child,” as reported by CNN.
Yes, she later said that she “misspoke,” but for her to suggest that a thin-skinned, self-congratulatory blowhard can be a positive role-model for kids is bizarre to say the least. No parent would tolerate their kids behaving like Trump. I would say that parents who do not believe in corporal punishment would even consider using the belt if their child exhibited some, not even all, the traits that Donald is displaying on the campaign trail.
Somebody should have told Ayotte, “Don’t be like Trump.”
This phrase should be used more often.
You may use it as you will.

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