Weekly Vinyl – Debussy

30 Sep

George Copeland plays Debussy
George Copeland
I say this is from 1950 because looking through the internet I found and MGM record E-522 dated 1950 and E-530 dated 1950. Both are also 10-inch EPs, as is this one. This is a safe assumption.
Before we get to the music I want to say I love 10-inch EPs. It is such a nice size. I remember when they were all the rage in the 80s – we though that a new world was invented. And here I have an EP of a pianist playing Debussy.
The recording is excellent. Sharp and exact. It is like being in a concert hall. Well, at the back of one anyways.
Many times, piano recitals can be a bit draggy, especially if you are not familiar with the composer, are not in the mood, the room is too stuffy or you are just not into the genre.
But here, on this disk you really get the feel for the music, the excitement the passion. I had no idea what to expect as I am not familiar with Debussy. This little 10-inch disk has really got me interested in listening to more of this man’s music.


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