Weekly Vinyl – Glen Miller

16 Sep

Remember Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey
Glenn Miller’s Modernairs
(year: 1970ish)
I was listening to endless “hits” for the last little bit and now I have the misfortune to draw this.
I’ve listened to this disk completely three times – it is now on its fourth rotation and I’m trying to find something positive to say.
Barring that -here’s a story… This album is from a defunct DJ service where I worked briefly back in the mid 80s. I had a small steady gig and it was OK but then I was sent as a substitute because the other DJ was sick. I was playing some event, it wasn’t a wedding some small little gathering, and most of the people were my age.
I was shocked that they were not appreciative of the current mid-80s music and instead insisted on this kind of music. I was way out of my depth for that gig – I was playing random selections of whatever disk I grabbed.

It was a bit of a disaster gig and only got worse. I also missed the last bus and subway. It was that kind of evening.
Perhaps this is why I, subconsciously, dislike this music.

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