Ball game’s back

12 Sep

So the NFL season has started.
And not soon enough.
America needs this. The world needs this.
The distraction is great. Most regular season games easily top the 10 million viewers mark. The good games get well over 20 million pairs of eyes. Championship games get exponentially more while the last SuperBowl had 111.8 million people watching in America alone.
And the US need distractions from the inanity of the election coverage to the rantings of fringe lunatics who get offended at every and any slight.
You get these controversies in the NFL as well. A quarterback decides to not stand for the US anthem – and is criticized fiercely but is also supported. A meaningful conversation erupts – something that rarely happens in the political field. Now you have the US anthem being played and while most players stand, some kneel while others have their fists in the air. This latter is in some outlets erroneously reported as what Jesse Owens did at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. He saluted the flag while the black power fist in the air is what runners Tommy Smith and John Carlos did at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics after deciding not to boycott the games.
There are other distractions … the injuries, concussions, bad calls by the refs, bad calls by the coaches, bad calls by the TV announcers, deflate-gate, suspensions for substance abuse, suspensions for spousal abuse. There are many unseemly shenanigans in these “game” that are a microcosm of America itself. There is a lot of noise but not much substance. If you look at the graphic that I found, you will see that the game itself only takes up about 11 minutes of a three-hour broadcast.
To maintain its sanity America needs the NFL back to take the edge off of real reality.

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