Weekly Vinyl – Ghost Schmaltz

9 Sep

Time Honoured Ghosts
Barclay James Harvest
This is a dreary album.
The reaper that’s graces the cover is symbolic for this album. The reaper here is lean muscular and is looking over the tiny knoll into the evening sky.
If you’ve ever wielded a Scythe you will know that it is incredibly hard work. If you are faced with even a hectare of land to reap you will know it is back-breaking dreary work.
This album…
It is mellow to the point of comatose. There’s a song called Sweet Jesus and when I heared it I asked myself, “Sweet Jesus, why am I listening to this.”
This defines easy listening 1970s “pop-rock”. This defines the thing that used to be known as AOR – adult oriented rock.
The only thing good about this album is that it was stuff like this that got the punks a thrashing and blew new life, an energy into popular music.


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