Olympic fever?

8 Aug

Getting Olympic fever has a negative connotation now. Isn’t that a symptom of the Zika virus? The fever that is.
These Olympic games in Rio seem to be a mess. There are problems a plenty – Russian doping, raw sewage, crime, Zika … am I missing something? Probably.
Yet on Saturday evening I caught the 4×100 women’s freestyle swimming final. The Australian team got the gold with an world record time. The US came in second for the silver and the Canadians got the bronze.
The amount of joy expressed by the winning athletes was astounding. The Australian women were besides themselves, as were the Canadians.
And perhaps that is what the whole thing is about – seeing people achieve their best – tape delayed in front of you.
The athletes who cheat by doping, and their national teams which help them do this are really robbing themselves, their fellow athletes and the general public. What joy can there be of winning by cheating?
The swimming final was the first thing I watched the Olympics and I might watch some more to see If I can again see this pure undiluted joy in the athletes.
I’m not sure if I have Olympic fever. I’m very glad that my city, Toronto, decided not to bid for any future games. But I’ll dabble and watch a few more events to see if the Olympic spirit shows itself again.


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