Weekly Vinyl – Crystal Styx

8 Jul

Crystal Ball
Styx used to be a huge band.
I’m listening to this album trying to figure out why.
The music is tight – well executed and flawless. But also quite passionless. The emotion that is here is more Hallmark – greeting card style than anything real.
The album is very over produced. There are soaring rock ballads, I feel I should find a lighter and hold it up in the air. (Yes, I know the modern thing is to use a cell phone, but this album is from 1976 – might as well get into the spirit of that age.) There are other songs … that combine progressive rock and pop. I think they attempt hard rock but it really isn’t. It is quite Meh actually.
Styx was always considered, rightly or wrongly, a corporate band. I don’t think that this is because they were in the pockets of corporations. I believe it was more because of the obsessively clean friendly music that they played. The general populace could not get offended by their music or lyrics – they were radio friendly (whatever that really means.)
For all the soaring guitars and the fake emotions on this album, it really does not stand up 40 years down the line.


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