Weekly Wine – Sangria

6 Jul

BoonesBoone’s Sangria
Year: N/A
7% ABV
$7.40 (LCBO)

Technically this is not wine. It is a wine drink. A wine beverage.
I’m making an exception because I like Sangria on a hot day. So … Sangria wine beverages are OK but the other stuff is not.
I made that decision before I tried this mine.
In one word… Chemicalicious.
I don’t really taste the wine.
I taste citrus fruit – that is plain. I feel the alcohol. And I get a big dose of the manufacturing process.
This is more like a cooler than a Sangria.
When you sip it, it is strangely refreshing but more like drinking a soft drink or soda. You want some more of that to fulfill the unfulfillable. This stuff is too sweet as well – like a cola. I’m sure underage, first time drinkers, will love this because it is not much different than a Mountain Dew or similar concoction.
This stuff, and I’m using the word stuff on purpose, is cheap. And that is not even enough to give it any redemption.

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