Weekly Vinyl – Quadrophenia

10 Jun

The Who

This is weird. I’m listening to The Who’s Quadrophenia and mindlessly perusing the Interweb when this lands in front of my eyes… The Who criticise ‘ridiculous’ Quadrophenia sequel
What a coincidence.
What a horrible concept.
But … what a fantastic album. One of The Who’s best.
As a cohesive story, it works much better than the much more prominent Tommy. Musically it is richer and more refined. There are Who moments – Daltrey’s voice, Townshend’s guitar, Entwistle’s bass lines and Moon’s frantic drumming form a solid base but the songs are rarely urgent or forced. This is a true opera, a true concept. Ideas are allowed to grow and develop. Nothing is rushed and one can really lose oneself in this album.
As a kid I listened to this album multiple times and could imagine the action and the story. This was way before I saw the movie. It is a powerful album with a great story.


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