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Weekly Wine – Gazela

29 Jun

gazRosGazela Vinho Verde Rose
9.5% ABV
$9.50 (LCBO)

I’ve had the white wine version of this wine way back when –August, 2013.
This rose is just as nice as the white one.
It is tart.
It is crisp.
It is fruity – but not too much.
What makes this wine better than a spritzer, some wine with club soda usually, is that here the carbonation is very mild. Occasionally referred to as effervescent wine, the slight carbonation is not the result of a shot of carbon dioxide before bottling, but from a secondary fermentation.
This gives the wine a nice round flavour and makes for a very pleasant refreshing drink on a hot day, or evening.
It is a bit dangerous as it does have nine per cent alcohol. On a hot day, it is very conceivable that one can down a bottle or two of this quite easily. Think of two bottles as three pints of beer – in terms of volume. If you are putting down a proper IPA with 6 to 7 per cent alcohol, you will feel it – the heaviness, the hops, the alcohol. This wine has more alcohol yet is light and refreshing.
Dangerous, but good, stuff.
The bottle photographed is empty because I neglected to take a picture before drinking the bottle. It was a hot evening. The wine has a nice pink colour.

Old Prescription

28 Jun

As generations pass on, much that is interesting can be tossed. Books are one of the main items that get discarded. I got many a good book from a family friend that had passed away – everyone agreed that the books should be tossed into a bin – I took them all.
In this collection was an old Ukrainian-English dictionary that was published in1947 in Germany – Nuremberg and Bayreuth to be exact. This is actually fascinating as the Displaced Person camps set up for refugees after World War Two concluded were quite full of life and political and cultural activity.
But although interesting, the book itself is not the main star. In its pages I found an old prescription from a doctor in Lviv, Ukraine. The prescription seems to be dated the 21 November 1941. It could be 193something as well.
This was a turbulent period for Lviv, Ukraine and Europe. World War Two was in full swing – Germany had invaded the Soviet Union. Lviv had been occupied by the Soviets, who invaded Poland, only two years prior. A Ukrainian government was trying to establish itself in the wake of the Soviet retreat.
I have asked a few friends if they know anything about this doctor or even the street he practiced on but they were unsure.
Perhaps someone in the virtual world can help.

Poor Birdy

26 Jun

I was at a parking lot last year and noticed this … poor bird.

Weekly Vinyl – Ray Charles

24 Jun

The Greatest Ray Charles
Ray Charles

This is one of those albums, those collections of music, that needs to be played on a turntable.
You need to hear the crisp static retort of the needle hitting the spinning vinyl before the first song on the side starts.
It is special.
Listening to this, going through the actions to flip the album and getting the arm in position to start the music flowing again, I can imagine the aura of Elwood Blues (Dan Aykroyd) putting on the album when he and his brother Jake, (John Belushi) come into his one room apartment.
It wasn’t this music, but Ray Charles was in The Blues Brothers. But the feeling is right on.
It is late. I`m drinking cheap wine. And there is a turntable spinning some great blues my way.

Weekly Wine – OKV

22 Jun

bcred2Okanagan Vineyards Select Red
Year: 2014
750 ml
13.5% ABV
$8.49 (BC Liquor)

Another B.C. wine bought in British Columbia. This one is quit good.
It has a quite nice fruity flavor but I can’t make out which fruits they are. It is a mashup.
I taste grape but that should be a given – considering that this is wine. But there are other hints that I can’t quite make out.
It hit me finally – this has a taste of one of those “more healthy” juices you buy in the super markets. The kind that are a blend of cranberry, grape, Apple and whatnot. They have no sugar added and are quite good. This has that kind of aura.
It is fitting as the bottle does not denote what grapes went into making this wine. Merlot – maybe. Shiraz – perhaps. Who knows? The bottle ain’t saying.
That being said – it is a pleasant inexpensive red wine which will be great for picnics, barbecues or other such informal gatherings.

Euro 2016

21 Jun

I love watching the big soccer tournaments – the World Cup, Euro Cup. It is a shame that the Copa America cup is not as prominent on the airwaves on this continent as the Euro2016 is.
I love the game – it is fascinating. The tactics, the strategy, the athleticism, the fans.
Yes, some bad apples do come in to cause trouble, but these #@*%##@ can be taken care of. The days of massive riots are behind us and there are only a few #@*%##@ from #@*%##@ nations that come and try to destroy the harmony that really does exist. I have seen countless of celebrations where fans from opposing nations celebrate together – one a loss and one a victory.
It is just a game. Yes, national pride is on the line – but it is only football (soccer) pride.

Desert growth

19 Jun


Flying over the desert in California – these irrigation areas look very cool from the air. However they are wasting so much water in an area that has been in a consistent drought for many years. Not sure if this is wise.
I have spent too much time trying to find this place on Google Earth with no luck.

Weekly Vinyl – Jimi

17 Jun

Electric Ladyland
Jimi Hendrix Experience


Ha ha ha…
What an album.
What a guitarist.
But he, Jimi, is more than just a guitarist.
There is so much passion here.
It is a bit unfortunate that Jimi Hendrix is mostly just regarded for his guitar prowess. His most rabid fans will know that he is more than a six-string slinger. But in the popular lexicon he is a guitar god.
This double album really shows off the nuances of Hendrix`s musical craft. Yes there are blistering guitar passages. Great riffs abound. But it is more than that. There are subtle moments, like Still Raining, Still Dreaming. There are songs where it seems that he`s noodling. There are solidly constructed hits.
The only thing I dislike about the album is the way the sides are numbered – but I have ranted about this before.
By the way – this is the third double album I have reviewed in a row.

Weekly Wine – Another Unreserved

15 Jun

BCwhite2Unreserved White
Year: N/A
750 ml
12% ABV
8.99 (BC Liquor)

First off – This wine has nothing to do with the unreserved wine I reviewed last week.
There is not too much wine from British Columbia in Ontario. This is a mystery to me. Ontario used to have a nice selection of B.C. wine, but these days that is not so.
On a short trip to B.C. recently, I was able to purchase a few bottles.
I chose this one because it came with a free Mason style mug.
The wine is ok – but just barely.
The taste of peaches and pears comes through quite prominently. This may sound nice but these peaches and pears are overripe. They are squishy and a step or two from being rotten. Will you eat this fruit or throw it into the compost. This is the taste of the peaches and pears in this wine. A familiar taste yet one that is not always welcome.
It is also a bit acidic. I believe that these are the sulphate because I don’t think that this is the natural acidity of the wine that is coming through. This wine is a blend. It is made “from imported and domestic” wines according to the label. And these wines tend to be of questionable taste.
This one is of questionable taste as well. You can easily get better white wines for the same price.
But I like the mug.

Low Positivity

13 Jun

It is tough.
And this is late.



Your team not wining at Euro 2016.


Try to be positive