Weekly Wine – Girl’s Night Out

25 May

SONY DSCGirl’s Night Out Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Year: N/A
6.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I knew this wine was trouble when I bought it. But this isn’t the same trepidation I feel with some other wines – which may surprise me by being OK.
Every fibre in my being knew that this wine was not going to many redeeming qualities.
First off – Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is not a wine varietal – it is a box of chocolate’s you bring when visiting your aunt.
Secondly – This should not be called a wine. Yes, it is made with domestic and imported grapes. But there are a whole bunch of other ingredients, like water and sugar.
Third – This beverage is bad.
The first sip is sickly sweet – with a bad aftertaste. So is the second … so is the third.
Do I taste chocolate, raspberry or truffle. Well, it’s raspberry like the chemical laced flavour you get in the cheap raspberry ice cream. Bleh.
This stuff is more than bleh. It is a bad, low alcohol wine-based cooler like beverage. It should not be in the wine section. For shame.
Oh. I rarely spill out wine that I loth. This isn’t wine and is a terrible drink. I never even finished my glass before chucking this evil concoction down the loo.

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