24 May

I guess the good news is that the climbing season started on Mount Everest after two years of being shut down due to multiple deaths from avalanches and earthquakes.
The bad news … four people have died this year. And two are missing.
I can kind of understand the allure of climbing to the top of Everest, but when you look at the pictures of the long lines and crowds near the summit it really begs the question why go to all that trouble just to be stuck in a cue.
Is it the allure of cheating death, pushing oneself to an extreme limit? I can also understand that – but why do it with a whole bunch of strangers that cannot help you if you get in trouble because that might cause them to perish as well.
Unfortunately, Mount Everest has become a cliché where the very wealthy can go and get their kicks. Expeditions to the mountain start at around $40,000 US according to some websites I visited. And that is just for the guiding up the mountain.
Nepal, where most of the tourists start their journey, needs the tourist money so they cannot shut down this tourist destination. They cannot ban climbing expeditions.
So the corpses and garbage will keep on piling up near the summit of Everest as the well heeled seek thrills and danger.


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